Saints on Tap 

Below is a list of our Saintly beers we currently have on tap.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


Saint Anatoly

Root Beer - 0%

We crafted our own in house non-Alcoholic rootbeer.

We also have Coke, Diet Coke, Sunkist, Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper & Mountain Dew.


Saint Paul

Kolsch - 4.1% 18 ibu

Light ale brewed with German hops and then lagered for 4 weeks.


Saint Arnold

Oktoberfest - 5.8%

This one will make you yell "Get to Da Taproom!"  Full of malty goodness and noble hops to enjoy the beauties of fall.


Saint Nick

Christmas Ale - 7.5%  28 ibu

This delicious Christmas Ale is a little dry and brewed with subtle notes of cinnamon, honey and orange flavors.


Saint Jude

Sweet Potato Porter - 9.1% 22 ibu

This delicious porter was aged with purple sweet potato, vanilla and cinnamon. 


Saint Matthew

Stout - 5.2% 22 ibu

Saint Matthew is the Patron Saint of Accountants & Bankers and this stout is worth fitting into your entertainment budget. A simple, dry stout with subtle roasted barley & coffee notes.


Saint Mark

Pale Ale - 6.0% 48 ibu

Saint Mark is the Patron Saint of Notaries and this pale ale is one worth noting. It’s a dry, refreshing ale with just enough bitterness. You’ll enjoy citrus, pine, tropical fruit and other aromas coming from the Cascade, Chinook and Citra hops. 


Saint Luke

Blonde Ale - 4.2% 24 ibu

Saint Luke is the Patron Saint of Artists and this blonde ale is a work of art.  It is crafted to be a simple ale enjoyed by the Masses all year long.  Drink one and you'll find hints of citrus and floral coming from the Amarillo, Centennial, and Citra hops.


Saint John

IPA - 7.3% 70 ibu

Saint John is the Patron Saint of Friendships and this IPA is one you'll want to share with your friends.  Boiled and Dry hopped with huge amounts of Centennial and a touch of Loral hops provide floral, lemon and citrus aromas.


11.21.20 Wedding Day IPA

Session IPA - 4.7%  48 ibu

Brewed with Tyler and Aly for their special day.  This session IPA was brewed with Amarillo and Simcoe hops then dry hopped with Simcoe & Azacca :)


Saint Francis

Farmhouse - 8.2% 18 ibu

Strong, complex ale with mild fruity and Belgian characteristics.


Saint Brutus

Brut IPA - 6.7% 27 ibu

 Extra dry, not too bitter and has a fantastic hop aromas. The first Brut style IPA brewed in Holy Toledo and NW Ohio.


Saint Brigid

Nitro Choc Milk Stout - 5.1% 27 ibu

Chocolate milk stout brewed with lactose, chocolate malt, aged on cacao nibs and served on Nitrogen gas.


Holy Water

Watermelon, Basil & Kiwi - 11.7%

A non-carbonated high abv seltzer aged on fresh cut watermelons, organic basil and kiwis.


Saintly Seltzer

Christmas - 5.5%

This Saintly Seltzer has a hint of orange, cinnamon and honey. It's the perfect thirst quenching, gluten free, low calorie and refreshing beverage.


Saintly Seltzer

Cranberry Ginger - 5.5%

This Saintly Seltzer has a hint of cranberries and a nice bite of ginger. It's the perfect thirst quenching, gluten free, low calorie and refreshing beverage.


Saintly Seltzer

Pumpkin Pie - 5.5%

This Saintly Seltzer has a hint of pumpkin pie. It's the perfect thirst quenching, gluten free, low calorie and refreshing beverage.

Almost Saints 

Below is a list of Saintly beers who will be on tap soon.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Sunday Brunch Drinks

Beermosa & Bloody Mary

Beermosas are made by adding OJ to the beer or seltzer of your choice.   We recommend Saint Brutus - Brut IPA.


Bloody Mary - This is what we believe to be an industry first.  Our version of a Bloody Mary made from a high abv still seltzer instead of vodka. “Holy Water” is our high abv seltzer and is blended with tomato juice and spices to serve you an 8% “beer”. Our license only allows us to serve what we brew here so we can’t add vodka, but that didn’t stop us from offering you a treat for brunch.

Saintly Seltzer (Coming Soon)

Hard Seltzer - 5.5%

Sugar Plum, Cranberry Ginger & more seasonal flavors coming soon.  Our Saintly Seltzers are the perfect thirst quenching, gluten free, low calorie and refreshing beverage.

Saint Ursula (Coming Soon)

Session IPA - 4.8%

Est 11/27 on tap.  Saint Ursula is the Patron Saint of archers and this Session IPA hits the mark.  All of the hoppy, bitter goodness you expect from an IPA only with a little less alcohol to keep you on target throughout the day.  Amarillo, Centennial, Loral, and Citra hops fill your nose with aromas of tropical fruit, pine, floral and citrus fruits.

Saint Kateri (Coming Soon)

Imperial Honey Brown Ale - 15%

Est release on the first day of snow accumulation. Our collaboration with Funky Turtle Brewing Company and this one is going to be a beast.  The base beer is a delicious high abv brown ale and then we dumped 120 lbs of honey into 90 gallons of beer to get funky. 

Saint Karen (Coming Soon)

Orange Cream Seltzer - 9%

Est beg of Dec.   Yeah, you were persistent in speaking to the manager about bringing this one back.  We gave in and brewed the colaboration with Funky Turtle Brewing again. 

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