Saints on Tap 

Below is a list of our Saintly beers we currently have on tap.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Taplist Updated 10/30/19 @ 5 pm


Saint Arnold

Oktoberfest - 5.8%

This one will make you yell "Get to Da Taproom!"  Full of malty goodness and noble hops to enjoy Fall with.

Saint Brigid

Nitro Chocolate Milk Stout - 5.1%

Saint Brigid is the Patron Saint of Dairy Workers and this Nitro Chocolate Milk Stout is dairy good. Brewed with lactose, chocolate malt and aged on cacao nibs.  Served through our Nitrogen tap.

Saint Brutus

Brut IPA - 6.7% 27 ibu

Saint Brutus is the Patron Saint of Public Speaking and this Brut IPA is one to toast the town with.   This was the first Brut style IPA brewed in Holy Toledo and NW Ohio.  It's a champagne like beer for patrons who love hops.  Surprisingly easy drinking at 6.7%, extra dry, not bitter but has a fantastic aroma.

Saint Elizabeth

Pale Wheat - 5.5%

Saint Elizabeth is the Patron Saint of the homeless and this Wheat Ale needs to find a home in your glass.  This beer is a smooth drinker and perfect to share with friends.  You'll find some fruity aromas in this wheat ale and they come from the Hallertau and Saaz hops.

Saint Francis

Farmhouse - 8.2% 19 ibu

Saint Francis is the Patron Saint of animals and this Farmhouse Ale is ready for when the cows come home.  A little extra 2-row, wheat, flaked wheat and flaked oats provide the malty goodness in your glass.  Magnum, Simcoe & Amarillo hops give off the fruity aromas and it finishes with a slight spice from the special yeast. 

Saint John

IPA - 7.3% 70 ibu

Saint John is the Patron Saint of Friendships and this IPA is one you'll want to share with your friends.  A simple base of 2-row, Pale Malt and crystal 40 allows the hops to really shine in this beer.  Boiled and Dry hopped with huge amounts of Centennial and a touch of Loral hops provide floral, lemon and citrus aromas.

Saint Luke

Blonde Ale - 4.2% 24 ibu

Saint Luke is the Patron Saint of Artists and this blonde ale is a work of art.  It is crafted to be a simple ale enjoyed by the Masses all year long.  Drink one and you'll find hints of citrus and floral coming from the Amarillo, Centennial, and Citra hops.

Saint Mark

Pale Ale - 6.0% 48 ibu

Saint Mark is the Patron Saint of Notaries and this pale ale is one worth noting. It’s a dry, refreshing ale with just enough bitterness. You’ll enjoy citrus, pine, tropical fruit and other aromas coming from the Cascade, Chinook and Citra hops. 

Saint Matthew

Stout - 5.2% 22 ibu

Saint Matthew is the Patron Saint of Accountants & Bankers and this stout is worth fitting into your entertainment budget. A simple, dry stout with subtle roasted barley & coffee notes.

Saint Molly

GF IPA - 7.4% 60 ibu

Gluten free IPA brewed with White Sorghum and all Citra hops. 

Saint Ursula

Session IPA - 4.8%

Saint Ursula is the Patron Saint of archers and this Session IPA hits the mark.  All of the hoppy, bitter goodness you expect from an IPA only with a little less alcohol to keep you on target throughout the day.  Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook and Citra hops fill your nose with aromas of tropical fruit, pine, floral and citrus fruits.

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Almost Saints 

Below is a list of Saintly beers who will be on tap soon.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Saint ????

American Barley Wine - 10%+

Est end Dec or beg Jan on tap.   The Glass City Mashers are a Toledo, OH Homebrew club who does an annual "best of" competition within their group.  We offered to brew the winner's recipe and they accepted.  We had an awesome brew day together and now the barley wine is sitting and aging for a little while to reach perfection before finding it's way to the taps.  

Saint Fiacre

Garden Wheat - 4.8%

on tap soon.  Patron Saint of Gardeners and this one was brewed with rose hips, corriander & lavender

Saint ????

Blackberry Blonde Ale - 4.0%

Ready to be tapped around 11/20.   Special exBeeriment with CIFT using 25+ pounds of locally grown blackberries which were flash frozen shortly after being picked.  We've added them to a simple blonde ale to showcase the blackberry flavors in the beer.

Saint Eric

Imperial Red - 8.6%

Est 11/21 ready to tap.

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