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Week of 11/4

Who doesn't love 70 degrees in November? Wednesday is the battle of I75 so join us for the unofficial watch party at our UT Alumni owned brewery, #GoRockets !!!!!

Wed @7 Put on your Rockets or Falcons gear for our #gearsNbeers w/ Rad Adventures 419. About 9 miles at a casual 10mps pace. We'll roll down the u/parks trail, through UT's campus, a loop through Old Orchard and back to watch the game beginning at 8!!!!

We ran out of Saint Arnold Oktoberfest on Sunday and the last batch will be back on tap 11/11. Cranberry, apple pie and white peach mango Saintly Seltzers are still flowing along with 12 Saintly beers.

Check out the #foodtruck lineup this week!!!

Chef Rob's Side Hustle Pizza Truck

The Saucy Slamwich (Lunch & Dinner(

Rosie's Rolling Chefs

The Saucy Slamwich

Frankly Plant Based Kitchen #Vegan

Lyle's Crepes

Kickback Toledo

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