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Week of 10/27

This week feels like October’s last stand which is full of things you don’t want to miss out on.

🚴 Wed @ 7 may be our last #pedalsNpints of the year and we’re headed over to 419 Tacos. A shorter 4.4 ride entirely on the bike trail, Wildwood and neighborhood. We’ll keep going until the weather says no:)

Wed is also the last time to smash Rusty's Road Trip this year 😥

Thursday may be your 2nd to last chance to have Beastro Burger Truck at our taproom this year. Rumor has it they will be here on Nov 4th for dinner but you never know what the weather will be like.

Sat is Ohio Brewery Running Series ‘s last run of the year so sign up and put on your best Halloween running outfit this weekend. Part of the proceeds will go to Toledo GROWs 💐🌼🌸🥀🌹🌻.

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