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$17,317 of $10k goal!!

•total updated 10/24 thanks to a mail in order•

Hello Toledo and Beyond,

Words cannot express our gratitude for the faith you have put in us.  We sold almost $7k more than the goal we set for the campaign.  This campaign will allow us to purchase a canning machine and our first order of cans.  There are quite a few hoops to go through with label approval and other items needed before we're able to can out beers.   

Below are the 184 packages we sold during our crowdfunding campaign.   

With the extra money, we have made an awesome upgrade to our glasses which will allow you to better enjoy the beer you're drinking so stay tuned for more details.  We have also contacted a few distilleries to get in line to purchase their bourbon barrels so we can create a few bourbon barrel beers.   

3x Give w/o receiving 21x Laity Level 45x Deacon Level 32x Priest/Sister Level 19x Monsignor Level 48x Bishop Level 12x Cardinal Level 5x Pope Level 1x Element Level  

Blessings & Beer,

Aaron & Eric


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