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$3,530 and counting

We are truly blessed to have so many contributors to our crowdfunding campaign.  We can't wait for our applications to be processed so we can serve you our Saintly beers.

The very first sale of the campaign was the "Give without Recieving" level and, no, it wasn't a family member.  This was a great reminder that there are people who genuinely care for others in today's society even though the headlines don't always mention them.

A lot of support has come from Toledo, Sylvania and the surrounding area.  We've also recieved orders from Tucson, AZ; Noblesville, IN; Frisco, TX; Fargo, ND and Golden, CO.  We were especially humbled by a donation from the co-owner of an awesome local brewery in South Toledo, Earnest Brew Works.  Please visit their brewery for a pint, growler or crowler fill.  Thank you, Scot‼️

As I'm writing this, two more orders came in bringing the total to 52 packages sold for $3,530.  It's only about 35% of our $10k goal, but we've heard from quite a few people who are still debating on which package to purchase.  We know we will be very close to reaching our goal which will allow us to purchase a canning machine to better serve you.

Yesterday we sold 2 of the "Cardinal Level" packages which allows a person to name a beer which will be served in our taproom.  They will also receive the stainless double walled growler, 16oz glass, t-shirt, bottle opener, sticker and name forever inscribed in our taproom and on our website....and maybe the beer will be such a hit that we'll brew it again in the future or maybe even put it on tap permanently.  We'll see.

Please help us reach our goal by telling your friends and family about our campaign that ends Oct 13th.  For as little as $10 you/they can he a gift and have you/their name permanently inscribed and displayed as an initial supporter who helped us begin our journey.

Blessings and Beer,

Grace and Growler,

Prayers and Pints

FOR ALL!!!  ⚜🍺



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