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Patron Saints Brewery
is a West Toledo nano brewery crafting a wide variety of beer styles.  Come enjoy pints and tasters in our small taproom which is "1/2 pint" and "little growler" friendly (aka kids & dogs) or we'll fill growlers and have cans available ​to go.  PSB does not serve food but allows patrons to bring their own food to our taproom.

PSB is a small, 2 man operation founded by Aaron & Eric after countless late nights home brewing in the driveway.  We are excited to serve West Toledo and eventually grow to serve NW Ohio and beyond.



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Aaron Grizaniuk


This journey began at my son's soccer practice while chatting with the coach, Jon B, about craft beers and picking up the cones.  I jokingly said that I need to learn how to brew beer myself because I'm not sure if I can afford to spend the money on craft beers much longer.  To my surprise, Jon said he brewed his own beer and the hamsters in my head started spinning.  I immediately stopped the conversation and invited myself over to his house the next time he brewed.  A few days later, I walked over to his house and watched him brew his next batch of homebrew.  I was hooked on crafting beer from that point forward.

I've spent years enjoying the fruits of my own labor and so have my friends and neighbors.  Brewing beer is a great hobby to bring friends together and can save some money at the same time.  Even after brewing for multiple weddings, graduation parties and donating a "learn to home brew package" for fundraisers at Christ the King, I still enjoy seeing the reaction of people when they drink the beer I've brewed.   

So now it's time to take the next step to brew professionally and see what the future holds.  

Blessings and beers,

Aaron "Griz" Grizaniuk

Eric Pfohl


My venture into the craft beer world actually started with a failed home brew attempt.  Discouraged, I figured I’d leave it to the pros and just buy beer like everyone else.  Not too long thereafter, I tasted an outstanding IPA that my mom had brought home in a growler from a neighborhood party.  Discovering that it was a home brew and crafted just a few houses away, I knew right then that I needed to find out how it was done and correct the mistakes I had made months earlier.  That’s when I met Aaron - and being the friendly, helpful, helluva guy that he is – offered to help show me the process that leads to creating the nectar of the Gods.  Needless to say, I was hooked.  That was nearly 4 years ago… and after countless batches on my own and collaborations with Griz, it became clear that we needed to hang our own shingle and open Patron Saints.  With faith, a can do attitude, and some brass, we’re taking our shot and couldn’t be more excited to see where it leads!  

Blessings and beers,

Eric Pfohl

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